Connect Authentication

Updated on Tue, 2014-08-26

Authentication for Esp Updates APIs

  • In order for a member to access the Connect APIs, they will need to have a license to any tier of the Connect application
  • Supported member types shall be the same member types that can have a Connect license assigned: Supplier, Decorator, Multiline Rep.
  • This is how to access the API:
  • Users first have to make a POST request to this endpoint:
  • Test environment:
  • Production:
  • You need to provide your user log-in credentials – ASI #, Username and Password - as a JSON object within the request body.
  • JSON format looks like this:
  • {"asi":"12345","username":"sso12345","password":"password1"}
  • If the login is successful, they will receive an authentication token.
  • This token will be within the body of the response that is provided. For example: {“token”:”ASDKHADHKSDJKHASKDHSAJDHKADHKHASDLJS”}
  • Token shall be 64 characters long.

You have to include this token value in all further requests to the API for that session. You will need to re-login after 2 hours. You need to put this value in the HTTP request header. AuthToken:ASDKHADHKSDJKHASKDHSAJDHKADHKHASDLJS